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Capture, Store & View Floor Plans on Your Phone

My Facility Maps is a free mobile app that stores all your floor plans & maps on your phone


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Free to Use

Affordable for anyone that works in the field. The Personal Edition has no ads, no tracking and is securely stored on your phone.

Offline Capable

With all the maps stored on your phone, you can travel deep into the bowls of your facility and still have the ability to access your maps. No internet connection required!

Easy to Use

Open the app, take a photo of the floor plan and the plan is stored on your phone. No need to remember which folder your maps are in, or endlessly searching your emails for a particular attachment.

Single Location

No need to have to hunt down any maps, diagrams or floor plans when you store them in My Facility Maps. The app in one click away to access all your maps.

PDF Support

Single page or multi-page PDFs can be imported into the app to store and view

Upcoming Features

This is just the first version of the product. We have many features on the way by Mid 2024. Here are just a few we have planned:

  • Sharing maps with your team and vendors

  • Dropping pins to annotate on the map

  • Red-lining/Markup 

Got Feedback?

We are always looking for ways to make My Facility Maps better. If you have a feature that you think would be a great addition to the app, send us a message.

Thank you for your feedback

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